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About Us

Register Owner are here to let any item get a registered and international traceable ownership.


Even this service is for the benefit if the single end user and owner, it is ensured that producers and re-sellers will have a great benefit of this service.


Any traditional registers, like registers for bikes and boats, will be able to extend their national service to be worldwide, as Register Owner is a natural add-on service that may handle the search of third-party registration numbers too.


Register Owner opens the opportunity for others to offer economical beneficial services that complement the use of the Register Owner Service. This may be production of labels, key-chains, promotion material and all kinds of marking equipment.


Please let us know about your experiences and your needs, they are important to us!

Your privacy is important to us. Your email address and personal information in this form will never be shared.


Thank you for using the Register Owner Service.

Protect your belongings!

Responsible for the Register Owner Service is the Norwegian company Norjob Norge AS

Norwegian Organization Number: 998 994 608

Postal address:

Storasteinen 20,
NO-4318 Sandnes 


Phone: +47 949 85 125

The Register Owner Service is interested in any cooperation and exploration to better serve our users.