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It is FREE to provide the Register Owner Service. You will increase your business income. You may lower your insurance costs by using the Register Owner Service. – International Theft Protection and the Item Return Service. Start providing the Register Owner Service.

Perfect for


  • Show you are proud of how your products are produced (ecologically/biologically, no child labour, etc.)
  • Stop fake reproductions.
  • Theft-protected products.
  • Increase customer’s trust and demand.

You may offer this! All this for only €4.90 per registered item.


  • The service will give you more costumers.
  • You will get a growing number of returning and satisfied customers.
  • You will be connected to the activities in your local community
  • You will sell more of your existing products.
  • Your customers will get a safe and protected product.
  • Permanent, but still flexible marking.
  • Safe and free transfer of ownership.

Third Party Provider

  • We welcome you as a Third Party Provider to offer the Register Owner Service in a good manner.
  • You will therefore find good providers, to help you with this service at this website.


With Register Owner you may document the whole lifespan of your product all the way from the production factory, through exporters/importers, resales and to the final end user.

The end user may continue to document the lifespan.

All owners add to the item’s history log by registering the ownership.

Registration also handles multiple registrations at the same time when needed.

Adding a unique reg. no. to your product and/or on the product description on the wrapping, will give any buyer the possibility to freely trace the ownership and the authentication of the product with the free App ‘Register Owner’.
Any replica, fake, copy, etc. stating a reg. no. that has not been in the producer’s possession will not be able to have
the unique producer email authentication in the item history.


For consumption products, like the food produced by a farmer, you may just mark all products with the same reg.
no. to indicate to the consumer the traceability of the origin.
This marking highlights you as a producer and your information website.
Let your consumers know you are a proud producer.
As part of the registration you may upload a receipt image, in your case the business card of a proud producer
stating social media or website addresses that give information about you as a producer, and what to expect from
your product.
At the uploaded image you will also state your official email address for owner registration with the Register Owner.
Confirmation of your official email address gives confidence to the buyer who finds this email address in the
registration shown by the Register Owner App.