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Our please do:

  • Any reproductions, also 3D reproductions of any legal material for sale, are allowed.
  • The production of any quality product may even be qualified as part of our International Partner Programme. Send us your picture and product specifications.

Our don’ts:

  • Any use of these products in a negative way that may have a negative impact on the Register Owner and the environment is prohibited.
  • Any characteristic change to the logo and layout found in the downloads requires written approval.
  • No alternative websites or social media profiles should be created that are not approved by the Register Owner. Only those linked to from and are official and approved.
  • There shall never be asked for or given the opportunity for donations to any Register Owner Service, nor to the help or support for the local community, by any third-party. Donations must always be made directly via the donation button on or via the option described there.


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