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Terms & Conditions



1. Registration

1.1 You need to be connected to the Internet for this service.

1.2 The REG No. you get becomes your property for a period of 5 years or longer, or up to max 10 years if there is no registration, activity or conformation of use, but only after it is paid. You may trade the REG No.

1.3 One REG No. may be used for multiple purposes and for as many Items as you like.

1.4 If the Item registered is no longer in your possession or no longer needs a registration, you are obligated to update your information. Make an update by deleting the information registered, register a new Item on the REG No., or change the owner of the REG No. If a multipurpose REG No. changes owner, all marked Items get the same new owner. Updating is free and may only be performed by logging in.

1.5 Any update in registration demands a Log In and a change of owner will create an Item History.

1.6 When entering the ID / Serial No. in to the register, your Item is searchable in the App without the REG No. This does not apply to multipurpose REG No. Serial No. 999.

1.7 The App provides the layout of the Marking Plate, but does not provide a Hard Copy. The owner is free to change the Layout of the Marking Plate.

1.8 The registered owner has the responsibility to keep the App updated to the latest version, as this will ensure the App user has access to his/her registered information.

1.9 Be sure to use a secure password, that you will always remember. Forgotten password may be renewed by help of your registered e-mail address.

1.10 Upon formal request from the Police or insurance company, all the registered information may be provided to them.

1.11 Never enter any secret or privileged information not intended for the public view into the register.

1.12 No registered private information or bulk data from the register will be sold to a 3rd party.

1.13 Producer, re-seller and anyone related to the product registered may contact you in-App or by email with follow up on your product.

2. Payment

2.1 Owners registration is free.

2.2 An automated generated REG No. has a fee as follows:

  • Eight digits REG No. – €4.90 / 5 years
  • Seven digits REG No. – €9.90 / 5 years
  • Six digits REG No. – €14.90 / 10 years
  • Five digits REG No. – €49.90 / 10 years (intended for small Items)

2.3 A manually selected REG No. has a fee as follows:

  • Six-Eight digits and/or letters REG No. – €19.90 / 5 years
  • Five digits and/or letters REG No. – €99 / 10 years
  • Four digits / letters REG No. – €999 / 25 years
  • Three digits / letters REG No. – €4.999 / 50 years
  • Two digits / letters REG No. – €7.999 / 50 years
  • Single digits / letters REG No. – €9.999 / For Life

2.4 Payment is made using the App or the Web solution with the help of PayPal.

  • A PayPal account is not required, as the service accept payment with a Master or VISA card.
  • For fees added by your bank, currency converter or other, see 4.2.
  • If you need further assistance to get your Reg. No. write to

3. Area

3.1 The REG No. will be valid and functional in any country and area giving access to the App or Web solution.

4. Responsibilities

4.1 Register Owner  is not to be held responsible for loss or errors that may result from incorrect or missing information.

4.2 Register Owner is not to be held responsible for any third party expenses.

4.3 Owner shall read the information from the annual emails.

5. Insurance

5.1 Registration is not to be regarded as an insurance policy. Insurance settlements are taken directly by your insurance company. The level of deductible reduction will vary depending on the insurance company and insurance type.

6. Revisions of terms

6.1 The Register Owner Service reserves the right to modify these conditions, for later registrations.

7. Provider of the service

The Register Owner – Protect Your Belongings, is a service provided by the legal entity Norjob Norge AS, Sandnes, Norway.

Tel. +47 949 85 125



Org. No. 998 994 608,

– or the short owner no. address